Ye Olde Biowarfare: how climate change is affecting hallucinogens (Part 1)

Growing up in New England, you are living, breathing and eating American history. The place where you picnicked with your grandparents as a kid? That was the birthplace of the American Revolution. That graveyard you snuck into as a teenager on Halloween? That’s where Mother Goose is buried. That naked sex beach you “stumbled upon” … Read more

The future is itchy

I rarely claim to have any supernatural abilities.  Yes, I did have a great aunt who was a self-reported psychic, and yes, when she told my grandfather that she saw “water” in his future, he did return home to find a broken pipe leaking water everywhere.  But let’s just say that most of those supernatural … Read more

The paradox of scientific research

Minda’s note: While I am hiking the Himalayan mountains this week, my friend and fellow scientist, Olivia Yu from UC Davis agreed to fill in for me.  She asks the paradoxical question: can ecologists also be environmentalists?  See below for her thoughts on the topic…. The paradox of scientific research by Olivia Yu [The purpose … Read more

Chill out man: climate change and the future of marijuana

Moving to California, I learned quickly that everyone smokes pot here.  Everywhere.  All the time.  People smoke openly on their porches, walking down the street, even pulling their cars onto the highway (a little scary).  Our favorite bar doesn’t have a reserved area for cigarette smokers outside (cigarettes are so bad for you!!), they have … Read more

In a hotter climate, a troubled tea?

Living in Berkeley California exposes you to enthusiasts of all types; we have yoga gurus, herbal devotees and wine connoisseurs galore.  At a party last week, a man from Georgia wearing wool knit socks as shoes and Mexican beaded jewelry showed up with a suit case filled with tea.  He was a tea obsessive, which … Read more