Earthworm of the Apocalypse

Being a Bostonian in the Bay area is a weird experience. The summers are freezing, the winters mild and the spring and fall are the warmest part of the year. When leaving the house yesterday on a balmy morning, I shouted to my neighbor, “Wow, it’s summer already!” “It’s spring!” he replied. I realized afterwards … Read more

Climate Change and Great Tits

When I started writing my blog, I noticed a direct relationship between titles and clicks. Fart in the title? That was pretty popular. Sex? Loads of clicks. Sexual dysfunction? Even more. Clown fish incest? Wow, you people are weird. My boss at the time attributed this to a common adage in the publishing industry: there … Read more

The future tastes bitter: climate change and the flavors ahead

This past December, my husband and I were invited to participate in an Iron Chef cook-off, where contestants were given an ingredient and had to create the most interesting, delicious and unusual dish possible. This was a challenge that we thought we’d mastered – we’ve previously won cooking competitions galore (first prize key lime pie, … Read more

Climate Change Denial and Human Ingenuity

In my job I get to learn a bit about the common arguments against climate change. As I’ve mentioned before, the new charge is not that it doesn’t exist, it’s that it is just too hard to do anything about climate change right now. It’s too expensive, the technology is just not there, we need … Read more