The Changing Climate of the East Bay

Living in Berkeley is a surreal experience.  Once the center of a political and social revolution, it’s now like wandering a graveyard that’s been infiltrated by high-tech picnickers. As you wander the streets you meet the ghosts of revolutions past, sometimes reformed into soccer grandmas with pressed silver hair and hand-hammered African jewelry, sometimes in … Read more

Climate Change for the Very Picky Eater

San Francisco is known for its culinary delights; there’s just about every type of restaurant in town for every kind of diet.  Paleos, GAPSers, macrobiotics, raw juicers and frugivores can delight in the many delectable treats available around every corner.  We have everything from Jakartan street food (the menu of which actually taunts that “you … Read more

Evicted by Climate Change in San Francisco

  The Bay Area is a hard place to live. Ocean fog makes the summers notoriously frigid, you may be attacked by rogue circus acrobats at any moment, and for some reason there is just poop everywhere. Everywhere. To make matters worse, housing costs have sky-rocketed to the point where mega-wealthy renters paying $10,000/month are … Read more

Drunk with Science: Climate change and wine

Berkeley is a great place to get drunk. Nowhere else in the world will you find yourself at a Santa Maria BBQ surrounded with former Black Sabbath roadies, Argentinian media darlings and industrial architects discussing the I Ching at candlelight with the most lovely $5 wine. Sorry Virginia, that country club swill you call cabernet … Read more

Climate change and ‘shrooms

Working in climate change you hear a lot of myths surrounding the science; it’s a scientific conspiracy, the models are faulty, scientists are in disagreement, there is too much controversy. This last point is particularly annoying, because it has been long established that this is simply not true. But it’s also irritating, because it ignores … Read more

Fear and Loathing of Climate Change

Now that summer has come to a close and everyone is returning to their homes with tales of downing oyster shots and hiking the continental divide, I think it’s appropriate for me to share how I spent my summer vacation. I wasn’t jet skiing in Miami or visiting the coffee houses of northern Europe. I … Read more